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The Long Life Diet (LLD) philosophy is simple.

It is not a “DIET,” but rather becoming aware of your “D-aily I-ntake of E-ating T-houghtfully!” 

We all want longevity and to have this we must learn all the ways to sustain health. Often, there are many modules of healing needed in a wellness program to attain health and well-being. There is rarely just one answer. I believe that the best gift you can give yourself is to be EMPOWERED with the Wisdom (wisdom is knowledge with love added to it) so that YOU can prepare great tasting meals, live an active lifestyle, and make better nutritional choices. LLD is about educating people to feel great, have more energy, losing weight, look younger and more beautiful, and simply have a healthy, happy life that is in balance.



These days we look for a more simple life with pure, clean foods. It is important to trust our producers to get us authentic ingredients that promote health and not harm us. Capitalism in the food industry has encouraged inferior policies; even the language has misleading word definitions. We must learn to have a discerning eye for the truth and become our own “private investigator,” if we want to survive the harmful chemicals in our foods.

My specialty is to bring awareness to you so that you won’t be fooled into eating foods that diminish your health. I travel throughout the United States and Europe to find authentic products that have a positive impact on disease and overall wellness.  I have added some of my favorite products to make it easy for you to order them in “one stop shopping.” I always give reasons why these products are best choices, based on my 34 years of studying the effects of good nutrition.


An example of lack of knowledge:

FiberCon (synthetic calcium polycarbophil) is often suggested as a source of dietary fiber. However, it has been reported that it contains plastics. Why would you want to ingest plastic?  REAL FOOD SHOULD NOT HAVE REFINED SUGARS, ARTIFICIAL PROCESSING AIDS, GMO ENZYMES, ADDITIVES, OR PACKAGED IN BPA CONTAINERS—or PLASTIC!


 Here is a great breakfast idea where you can get all the fiber you need for the day! A bowl of groats in the morning is a healthier choice, rather than ordinary oatmeal. Groats are the whole oats that real oatmeal is made from. The recipe, “Glowing with Groats,” is in the “LONG LIFE blog” for you to make. Adding fresh or dried berries, seeds, and a little rice or maple syrup for sweetness makes this a wonderful dish to begin your joyous day.

Transform your life today!

Rhonda uses the combination of traditional healing methods including the use of Mediterranean foods and Asian foods, what I call Med/Asian.  Also in my bag of wellness are nutritional suggestions, herbs, and healing foods that bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance and better health. Becoming aware of a plant-based diet with or without animal foods is a good beginning to regain your health today.

Rhonda Hammond is available for individualized WELLNESS CONSULTATIONS year round by appointment in person or via Skype. Group and corporate lectures are also available. Lectures can be for community centers and libraries, a “Lunch Lecture” for a corporation, or a “Health and Wellness Party” at someone’s home or clubhouse.

For those needing a more intensive healing experience, the Lakeside Wellness Cottage that I have on beautiful DeRuyter Lake is a two-story retreat on the water’s edge with a Gourmet kitchen, a comfortable living room, and a Queen Loft bedroom that overlooks the lake. Consultations and cooking lessons are available. Daily afternoon tea and a sampling of healthy desserts are complimentary during your stay.



DISCLAIMER : The information contained in this website is not intended to diagnose, cure, or treat disease, but rather to educate and provide you with information so that you can use to determine how to proceed with your own personal health and wellness goals. 




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